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Megan Richardson

Writer—Copyeditor—Musician—Travel and Outdoor Industry Junkie—Solo World Traveler—Taker of Pictures—Dreamer

MeganMy, that sounds like a lot of job descriptions . . . and for things that don’t generally amount to a “respectable” career. I might as well be a philosopher or theologian (ooh, can I add those to the list?!). The truth is, this world is far too interesting to just sit in one place for decades upon decades staring at the same computer screen all day. I don’t much care for fluorescent lights anyway. Everyone’s gotta make a living, but I’m not willing to give up life to do it.

I’m the kind of girl who buys a one-way plane ticket to the other side of the world and then spends a good year or so gradually watching the path toward home unfold in front of me. I’ve solo traveled six continents, enjoyed a healthy share of solitary nights in the backcountry, and lived in too many places to count—all the while building strong, lasting ties; embedding myself deeply in the travel and outdoor industries and in music culture; and bringing others along on vicarious adventures whenever possible.

People seem pretty happy with what these choices allow me to bring to the table. Sometimes it’s a different perspective, or stories or photos that inspire them to go tackle whatever mountains they’ve been chasing in their own lives. Sometimes it’s the experience that comes from continually learning new things and challenging my own ideas. Probably more often it’s just that I know how to work hard, I am serious about play, and I strive to kick ass at whatever I happen to be doing.

Why Ars Crucis?

It’s kind of a long story. It started with ars nova, the era of music where the sacred and secular collided in an explosion of new techniques, rhythms, and groundbreaking creations, thus changing the landscape of music forever. I like this idea on so many levels.

Ars can be an art, but more specifically a technique, skill, or craft. Crucis is another name for the Southern Cross, a constellation which for me has always been a harbinger of great adventure; it can also mean from or of the cross.

So, we have a melding of music, faith, and memorable journeys, an encouragement to be in the world but not of it, and a reminder that whatever skill or technique or craft I may have, its purpose and power originate from the cross.

We're better together